Quick Tip – Ensure your CV says who you are.

Quick Tip – Make sure a hiring manager knows that CV is from you.

Before sharing your CV with recruiters and employers by email or uploading it to their websites make sure that the document is saved with your name as the title.

Take a look at your CV now.

What is the document saved as?  ‘myCV.doc’,  ‘updatedcv2017.odt’,  ‘newcv.doc’,  ‘cv-template.pdf’,  ‘Fred-CV.doc’  or a variation of any of these? (These are all real examples of CV document titles uploaded on to our website over the last month.)

You need to rename it straight away!

How will the Consultant or HR manager know whose CV they are looking at once they have downloaded it from your email application or their website?

It should be saved simply with your name and that it is your CV.  Example: FredBloggsCV.doc

Name your CV

Why should you bother renaming the document?

Employers and recruitment agencies receive hundreds of applications for every vacancy that they advertise and recruit for.  Why would you make getting your application noticed any harder than it already is? This small change will ensure that the CV you share doesn’t disappear amongst all those badly titled documents.

First impressions are important.  So, make sure your CV isn’t disregarded before it is even opened.

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Anice McNamee (Marketing Manager)