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Take advantage of fully funded workforce development training packages.

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We provide support to employers to take on or develop your employees to fill jobs that you have available.  We are seeking to engage employers to create more opportunities to grow and create better and more sustainable jobs.

Training packages are shaped by you, the employers, and will have a measurable impact on your workforce development.  By directing you to all the grants and funding available for training your workforce we can work with you to support your growth needs.

Programme Details

The Workforce Development package starts with an informal chat with one of our experienced and knowledge skills consultants followed by a visit to your workplace premises.  We will carry out a full Training Needs Analysis, looking at your current business plan and addressing the challenges which you may have or be anticipating.

Once the Training Needs Analysis has been performed, you will be presented with a Training plan. It will wrap around your current business model and individually tailored for your business from the discussions with our consultant.

Training will be as in depth or short term as your business needs. It can be used to quickly overcome immediate growth barriers or offer longer term training for future planning. Training will be delivered in a variety of ways to ensure your business operation is not disrupted.

We are currently working with other employers operating in the following sectors:

  • Advanced Manufacturing (Automotive, Offshore/Subsea, Process Engineering, Advanced Digital Technology)
  • Digital & Creative (Including Culture Arts and Heritage)
  • Logistics & Haulage
  • Low Carbon (Renewables, Hydrogen and Waste Processing
  • Chemical Processing (Petrochemicals, polymers and biotech)
  • Professional Services (Including Training & Development, Accountants, Various Consultancies)

Employer Information

This programme exists to assist small to medium businesses (SME’s) with their growth plans.  It could be that you wish to develop a more flexible workforce or to dissolve the cost of your current training programmes so you can invest the revenue elsewhere across your business.

Candidate Eligibility

The success of this programme is measured on how effective we are in assisting you towards your growth plans by increasing turnover and creating the opportunity for more jobs.

Training is offered to any individual who is currently in employment. They may be seeking to qualify their work or improve their knowledge. This will make their skills more flexible and become more valuable to their employer. Qualifications range from operative level to senior management and are individualised depending on current job roles.

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We have high quality trainers available who have vast experience in many different topics. If your business has a particular training issue, we can work with you to create a training course that fits your exact requirements.


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