Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequently asked questions:


How do I register?

Register your details on this website and attach your C.V. A Consultant will then contact you to arrange an appointment if applicable.

How much will your recruitment service cost?

Our service to you is free of charge.

What do I need to bring with me if you ask me to visit the branch?

Please bring:

  • Your current C.V (if not already submitted).
  • Bank details, the bank account must be in your name or an account that you hold jointly with someone else.
  • National Insurance number, this must be shown on a document we can’t accept a National Insurance Card.
  • Details of a personal email address, where your Payslip can be sent.
  • Contact details for two work references.

Do I have to provide any identification?

Yes, you must supply us with any of the following documents: –

  • Passport (It can be expired)
  • Birth certificate and photographic identification i.e. ID Card

Will my details remain confidential?

Yes, and we will always ask for your permission before forwarding your CV to a client. See our Privacy Policy

Temporary assignments

Am I entitled to any holiday?

Yes, you accrue holidays at a rate of 2.333 days per month. Up to a total of 28 days per year, including bank holidays.

How do I request holidays?

Ring your Consultant to request holidays, preferably 2 weeks in advance. Ensure that you have discussed the holiday that you wish to take with your placement and get their agreement.

What do I do  if I am ill?

You must ring the branch you are working for at least one hour before you are due at work to inform your Consultant. They will then inform the client. Failure to do so could risk the client requesting another temporary worker.

What should I do if I am not enjoying the assignment?

Contact your Consultant as soon as possible to discuss the reason. Please do not leave the assignment.

What information will I receive prior to starting the temporary assignment?

We will brief you on the company, the position, the rate of pay, the hours of work, the length of the assignment, directions to get to the company and give you the relevant contact details of the employer (name & telephone number).

Will I hear from you during my assignment?

We will give you a courtesy call the morning you start your assignment and keep in touch with you regularly during your assignment.

Permanent positions

What information will I receive prior to an interview?

We will brief you on: the job specification, salary, hours of work, directions and give you relevant contact details (name & telephone number etc). We will also provide you with the client’s website address.

What should I do after my interview?

Call your Consultant immediately to provide feedback.

Will I receive feedback from the client?

Yes, once we have received your feedback we will contact the client to gain their input. You will then receive this feedback from your Consultant.


Do I receive a payslip?

Your payslip will be emailed to your personal email address on a weekly basis. It is very important that if you change your email address you inform your Consultant so your details can be updated.

How do I get paid?

You will be paid every Friday by BACS into your Bank Account, one week in arrears.

We can only pay your wages into a bank account that is in your name or that you jointly hold with someone else.

What if I have a pay query?

Contact your Consultant who will resolve the query for you.

What if I have a tax query?

Contact the tax office on 0300 200 3300, quoting reference 267/UZ70873 and your national insurance number.

What tax forms do I need?

You should sign a New Starter Form when you register with us and we will use this when you start working for us, unless you provide a current P45 to ensure you are taxed correctly.

Looking for training?

We have high quality trainers available who have vast experience in many different topics. If your business has a particular training issue, we can work with you to create a training course that fits your exact requirements.


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